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VOJ creates web-based and mobile applications and platforms to help companies and institutions manage logistics, human resources, and other aspects of their operations. VOJ builds and operates digital services for e-commerce, hospitality industry, IT and fleet management: halofix, halorides and CCBC. VOJ’s lifestyle platform, TripSista not only has its finger on the pulse of the fast-growing travel industry, but also empowers women and communities to participate in it.

VOJ started out as a New York City-based music streaming, Voice of Jakarta, born straight into the digital age in 2004. It was incorporated and consolidated in Indonesia in 2016, creating digital solution to improve operations of businesses, or to complement brand & reputation initiatives in a world where influence’s built on digital media.

Affordable and reliable IT helpdesk service for businesses, institutions, and individuals - taking care of all digital needs and concerns. Sign up for a membership today at (currently available in Jakarta area only)

Helping hotels and hospitality industry fulfil their guests’ transportation needs by managing requests all the way to the delivery of service by ground staffs/drivers. An indispensable system to improve customer satisfaction without adding more cost to the operations. Find out more about haloRides here. (currently available in Jakarta and Tangerang only).

An online social platform for travelers where members post, share, or mark the destinations they want to visit to get travelmates or participants, also the online tool to organize and collaborate for trips, share their stories, and trade via its marketplace.

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